How to repair or recover corrupt inbox pst In Hassle Free Way

Majority of the people prefer MS Outlook as important email client application for Business Organization as well as for personal uses. PST file corruption is something which is frequently experienced by the Outlook users. There can be numerous factors responsible for such corruption such as oversized or voluminous PST files, header corruption. In such instances, the user always ponder on how to repair or recover corrupt inbox pst? Scanpst.exe/inbox repair tool is a competent Utility that can be used for fixing minor corruption of the Outlook. It is a executable .exe file that is present by default in every Outlook version. It is suitable for fixing damaged PST file header. It deletes anything which it can’t understand, thus it destroys the data . Although it is a reliable tool but cannot be used to overcome severely corrupted PST files. There are some limitations of the scanpst.exe utility as it cannot repair corruption due to over-sized PST files.

It is seen that the outlook data such as emails, notes, journal, calendar gets stored as PST file format in the Outlook inbox folder. Excessive uses causes the volume to increase largely in size. This result in slower performance of Outlook and hangs abruptly. Ultimately, it results in severe PST corruption causing loss of Outlook data. The inbuilt scanpst.exe utility or inbox repair tool cannot be used to resolve oversized pst corruption. There arises the need to split the over-sized PST file to repair or recover corrupt inbox PST files. Splitting the voluminous PST to smaller pst files can greatly solve the issue.

Alternatively Outlook users can switch over to and download PST repair software tool to repair the damaged PST files. It has been devised and designed to cater the needs of Outlook users and repair even the severely damaged PST corruption irrespective of its cause. This is the best option for the users in case scanpst.exe fails or unable to repair or recover corrupt inbox PST files.

User Guide To Run the Tool and Repair Corrupt Inbox PST Files Easily

Step 1: Download Inbox PST Repair and then click on ‘Select Outlook Data File’ dialog box to select the required PST file that you need to repair and recover from Windows hard drive.

Step 2: To start the process of scanning and repairing of damaged or corrupt PST files, click on ‘START’ button

Step 3: You can stop scanning process anytime by clicking on ‘STOP’ button.

Step 4: As soon as this process is finished, you will be able to preview all listed damaged PST file in the left pane. There only you will get a Save button, on clicking which you will be asked to select the specified location to save those repaired PST files.

Step 5: Finally by clicking on ‘Save Recovered File’ button, save those repaired PST files to the required destination and lastly click on OK.

Step 6: The saving cognitive process of PST files will be shown as a progress bar.

Step 7: After the saving is complete, now you will be able to open and access your PST files and items in simple clicks.

Download the Software now

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