Pst Repair tool solve error message “fatal error: 80040818”

Microsoft outlook is used by business user to send important mails to their client. User are also using outlook to send their personal messages. While sending or receiving you don’t want to get interrupted. But sometime you fail to send some particular mails to your client or friends using this application. All the issues which arises while sending messages is due to corruption. When your pst file is involved in corruption , it create problem while receiving or sending corrupted pst file. As outlook files are prone to corruption that’s why Microsoft has built all version of email client application with it’s inbuilt tool.

Inbox repair tool is the name of that tool which is present in all version of outlook. This software repair header portion of all corrupted file. When files are minor damaged, this tool work very efficiently. But when corruption goes high than this inbuilt tool fails to repair your files. Tool can’t fix issues of pst file. To fix problem you have to refer any third party tool.


 Below a scenario is taken to explain you situation when error message fatal error 80040818 occur.

 Consider “scanpst.exe fails with fatal error 80040818” error message occur when you use scanpt.exe to repair your corrupt pst file of outlook 2005.

  This message can occur due to many reasons:

  1.  When you change version of outlook. Format of old and new version varies that’s why change in version end with corruption.
  2. Some of the email client application support only 2 GB data. If you exceed it’s limit it start showing different error message.

 If you are getting error message that doesn’t mean that you can’t solve it. This error message can also be solved without using scanpt.exe. You can try all these steps to fix your problems.

  1.  Decrease size of pst file if your outlook version can’t store too many data.
  2. Go back to your old email client application.
  3. If above solution is not getting you relief from corruption than use pst repair tool.

Pst repair software is meant to repair corrupted file. You can use it for

any version of outlook. If once you will fix all issues than you can easily send mails to your client. Software retrieve Deleted mails or lost message. You ,as novice user can also split mails into small chunks. Third party tool allow you to save recovered data at some safe place on computer.

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